We pride ourselves on only offering large RSPCA/RWAF approved hutches and cages etc,


We believe all animals need lots of space and we will not comprise.


All of our boarders have access to runs everyday, the floor of these are animal friendly matting or concrete.


This is so that they can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.


In the summer the small animal hotel is cooled with fans and in the winter is fully heated.


All our hutches are larger and wider than RSPCA and RWAF recommendations. This is because we are keen to promote animal welfare for all animals.

Accommodations available:

Cottage Tail Cottage, Honeysuckle House and Carrot Top Cottages


Day Room - 3ft x 5ft and sleeping area 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft high

Dandelion Den: 9ft x 2ft x 2ft with access to run during day 5ftx3ft

Marigold House: 7ft x2ft x 2ft with access to run during day 5ft x 3ft

Peppermint Place: 5ftx2ftx 3 levels of accommodation

Parsley Place: 4ftx2ftx 3 levels of accommodation

Appletree View

8ft x 8ft Lots of activities and things, also includes a 6ft x 2ft hutch for a sleeping area.

All hutches have private sleeping and exercise areas. They are also fitted with animal safe protective matting, so can be cleaned and disinfected completely between boarders.

We can accommodate pets on straw, newspaper, megasorb or wood shavings, if your pets needs alternative bedding please let us know in advance so that we can get their rooms ready before arrival.

Indoor Accommodation

We have lots and lots of different types of indoor cages, please get in touch with your requirements.